We are working to build a successful and sustainable school system in La Biche, Haiti.

2019 Party & Fundraiser

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Following the January 2010 earthquake that caused great destruction in Haiti, we immediately felt the need to help the country, especially Haitian youth, get back on their feet. With the belief that quality education is the key resource that will lead to opportunities for a brighter future, we're focusing our efforts on helping almost 70 young children in the rural town of La Biche. We are providing these students with a pathway toward a better tomorrow, all thanks to the love and financial support of our wonderful friends and donors. We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished over the last eight years, and we look forward to continuing to make our school more and more sustainable in the months and years ahead.

A big thanks to Fez Zafar for his work in creating our 2018 update video!

We started this charity out of love for each other and for people we didn’t even know. Then once we met Osnel, Joinel and Marlene, there was an instant love of them. And with Six Degrees there is a need to help because you see the potential in everybody, and pretty soon you realize the volume of love that’s out there is bigger than you ever imagined... It’s just all about love for me.
— Jane H., Founder

One Semester Student Tuition

School Uniform

One Month Teacher Salary

One Year Student Sponsorship